Three Pines offers two types of memberships:   Stock Membership is available only to those owning at least two(2) shares of stock in The 3 Pines Inc. Stock members pay dues of $190.00 monthly. Stock members may resign in writing at any time, provided all financial obligations are settled. Stock members may request a Leave of Absence in writing, and if granted, must remain inactive for at least twelve months, if revoked before expiration of twelve months, that member must pay all monthly charges for the months absent. Stock members expelled for non-payment of dues must re-enter as a new member after expiration of twelve months, and after settlement of all monies owed to Three Pines.

Associate members pay an application fee of $2,500.00 and dues of $211.00 monthly. Associate members have no voting privileges. Associate members may resign in writing at any time provided that all financial obligations are settled. An associate member who resigns or is expelled for non-payment of dues may re-enter only as a new member, requiring an application fee and payment of all monies owed Three Pines.

In order to participate on their parent’s membership, anyone over the age of 21 must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must not have his/her 24th birthday
  • Must carry at least 12 semester hours at an approved college, or remaining semester hours towards a degree
  • Working toward a degree at an approved college
  • Live with parents
  • Be single
  • Anyone 21 or over and not attending college is ineligible


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